Inzone Kāinga Policies

The policies included below govern how  InZone ensures compliance with the Education (Hostel) Regulations 2005. 

The policies will be reviewed on the following basis:

1. Annually, by kaimahi under the guidance of the InZone CEO to reflect changes of policies (if any) in the InZone Handbook provided annually to InZone whānau and rangatahi; and

2. On a rolling basis by the InZone Board reviewing two policies at each Board meeting.

a. The adoption of the policy (as reviewed) will be noted in the minutes; and

b. The CEO (or their delegate) will be responsible for updating the schedule of policies; and

c. The updated policy will be uploaded to the InZone website.

3. Every three years after consultation with InZone whānau and rangatahi (“Consultation”). The Consultation process is:

a. A pānui sent from the InZone CEO (on behalf of the Board) to whānau explaining the review process; and

i. Invitations for whānau comment on specific policies included on the InZone website; and

ii. Informing whānau that they will be notified of any intended changes to policies (if any).

b. A meeting conducted by the respective Senior Boarding Managers to rangatahi explaining the review process; and inviting rangatahi comment on the specific policies included on the InZone website.

4. Comments by whānau and rangatahi during Consultation will be considered by the Board when making changes.

5. The InZone CEO (or their delegate) will document the Consultation and upload relevant documents to Boardable or any Board software being used to manage Governance.

They include

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