A day in the life

From rising time until lights out, the life of an InZone Student is an active and enjoyable one, with age-appropriate routines designed to help them academically, physically, socially and spiritually.   Below sets out the timetable of a typical day in the life of an InZone student.


6.15 am

An InZone student’s day usually starts at 6.15am (Boys) / 6.30 (Girls), when they are woken up by their boarding manager.  Each student can shower, dress, clean their rooms and take their washing to the laundry before the post breakfast inspection by the boarding manager on duty.

Students head down to the dining room for breakfast from 7am before completing any extra cleaning duties they might have.

At 8am they meet in the lounge for devotions and notices before collecting their lunch and electronic devices before signing out and heading to school at 8.20am.

End of school

At the end of the school day, students return to the kāinga where they are greeted by their boarding manager, before sharing some afternoon tea.  Students can then head off for music, sporting or any other extra curricular activities, or choose to stay and enjoy some free time.  Street leave is also available for all students. They go in a group of 3, sign in and out and return to the kāinga before dinner.


Dinner is at 5.30pm, and students sit at tables in the dining room. Students are rostered on for dinner duties and those on duty will remain to help after dinner.


Prep is a quiet and focused time from 6.30pm onwards for students to complete any of their homework, study or assignments.  Forms 3-5 complete their Prep in allocated areas, whilst forms 6 and 7 do so in their rooms. Students are allowed to use their devices for study and are always able to seek guidance on content, study techniques and revision from prep tutors. Tutors are available every day of the school week.  Prep ends at 8.30pm.

Bed time

Once students have finished Prep, they have some time to enjoy supper with their friends before preparing for bed.

Electronics are handed in at 8.45pm for 3rd, 4th and 5th Formers who have lights out at 9pm.  Form 6 have lights out at 9.30pm with Form 7 at 10.00pm.


The weekends at the InZone kāinga are a great opportunity for students to participate in sport and extra curricular activities, to socialise, catch up on school work and bond as a community.

Students can have a sleep in as long as they’re up for breakfast between 8.00am and 10.00am. Street leave is an option for all students. On Saturday dinner is at the usual time of 5.30pm, which is usually followed by a DVD or group activities on a Saturday.

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