What We Do

The InZone Education Foundation is a New Zealand registered charitable trust that aims to inspire and support Māori and Pasifika youth to take their place in the cultural, economic and civic leadership of Aotearoa New Zealand.

We do this by providing kāinga (hostels) which are “InZone” for high performing schools and we partner with the schools to ensure students achieve top educational outcomes.  Our kāinga enable our students to live and learn in a supportive whānau environment with a Māori and Christian kaupapa.  In this environment,  we aim to support, inspire and empower our rangatahi to achieve to their full potential.

From the outset InZone recognised that educational success is not just about the school a student attends, but also about the environment in which he/she lives, the support they receive and the values that are embedded in that care.

“Me Rangatira te tu – Carry yourself like a Rangatira” is the whakatauki and behavioural mantra that drives our culture.  To support that whakatauki, our key focus is providing students with a level of care and support for their learning that would a high functioning family/whānau would provide.

Key to the success of this model is the fact that the students live full time at the hostel. They are immersed in a whanau environment that actively promotes our values –  Kotahitanga (unity, solidarity, common purpose), Kia Tika, Kia Pono (Respect, integrity, fairness),  Manakitanga (generosity, aroha, loyalty) and emphasises Kia Māia – the responsibility to strive for excellence.

Academic and Tikanga programs

Academic Support

The InZone kāinga have a strong emphasis on our students achieving their academic best.  This has been a key focus of InZone given Māori and Pasifika youth achievement rates at are lower NCEA relative to other ethnicities.

Our academic support is led by our Academic and Pathways Manger, Joy Williams, who oversees all facets of the academic program including academic monitoring and the coordination of the tutoring program.  Tutors are on hand daily during the assigned ‘prep’ times at each hostel and this has resulted in a structured timetable available for our students who have access to and seek tutors when required.

Our Head of Boarding also works closely with our partner schools, for both academic (Year Level Deans and Head of Departments) and pastoral (Careers & Guidance) matters to ensure consistency in support from both school and kāinga.  Our students are also supported in their career planning by helping them to identify courses of study, scholarships or pathways to employment.

Our academic programme is very successful and a marked increase in the academic achievement levels of our boys and girls is now evidenced through school reports and examination results. See Our Impact.

Academic Camp

In early January each year we run a week long academic camp in conjunction with Teach First NZ (TFNZ). This is compulsory for our new intake who are mostly junior students, but is also made available to existing InZone students who wish to gain an academic boost before the school year begins.

Students are bussed to “school” from 9.00am -2.30pm every day at Onehunga High School where they join other students from around Auckland and are taught by TFNZ participants as part of their teaching practicum. The focus at junior level is on numeracy and literacy (including Te Reo Māori) while seniors benefit from expert tuition in the sciences in addition to English and Maths.

The camps provide students with an academic “leg up” as they make the transition to the high standards expected at Auckland Grammar School and Epsom Girls Grammar School and also serve as an opportunity to bond with their cohort.

Tikanga Māori

The InZone kāinga have a Tikanga Māori kaupapa underpinned by non –denominational Christian values and practices.  We aim to deliver a culturally relevant kaupapa to equip our boys and girls to move seamlessly between Te Ao Māori and Te Ao Pakeha.

In 2017 we formalised and strengthened our Tikanga Māori program with the aim of increasing our students’ cultural capacity by teaching Māori culture, traditions and protocol.  Regular cultural and spiritual activities include kapa haka, learning Te Reo, performing at Polyfest, regular Sunday chapel services, daily devotions and attendance at church services.

In addition, we ran three Noho Marae in 2017 which covered a range of subjects including whakapapa, whanau based relationships, voyaging traditions and environmental awareness, Mau Rākau, waiata, karakia and whakawhanaungatanga.  In 2018 we have continued to grow our Tikanga Maori programme, with further Noho Marae experiences – each with over 100 participants including InZone students, their parents, siblings and whānau.

Our students have told us that from participating in the Tikanga Māori program they have gained stronger relationships with each other, increased cultural connectivity and better skills to advocate and be ambassadors and leaders at InZone, at school, in their whanau and wider communities.

Our partner schools also place value on the added cultural diversity that InZone brings to the school and the cultural contributions that our Māori and Pasifika students make. 2017 was a significant year for Auckland Grammar School with the introduction of Te Reo Māori as a compulsory subject in Year 9, almost 150 years after the school was founded.

We have created a ‘Tikanga committee’ which oversees the development and delivery of our delivery framework related to all components under the korowai (cloak) of Te Ao Māori (The Maori World).

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