How To Apply

Applications will be accepted from 9th June 2023 for the 2024 intake for Year 9/ Form 3. If you submit an Expression of Interest through the form or via email, we will notify you when applications have opened. There will be one round of applications:

Round 1 – Year 9 / Form 3 Only

• Deadline: July 14th 2023

Intake 1 – all places will be allocated

• Interviews to take place from the 7th – 11th of August 2023

Round 2 – This will only occur if there are remaining spaces for any Year/Form

• Deadline September 1st – Final places filled

• Intake 2 – All remaining places will be allocated

• Interviews to take place from 18th September to 22nd September (Last week for Term 3)

All declined applications would be notified after the interviews.


InZone is committed to supporting Māori and Pasifika rangatahi to achieve their full potential in terms of educational, leadership, personal, academic, cultural, community and transitional opportunities.  To ensure this life changing opportunity is available for all Māori and Pasifika rangatahi, we aim to keep our whānau Boarding Fee as affordable as possible.  To be able to do this, it is necessary for us to fundraise a significant portion of the actual cost which we could only do with the help of generous donations from individuals, charitable entities and our annual fundraiser.

The 2023 InZone Fees payable by whānau is $9,850 per annum. If you are eligible for the Ministry of Education Boarding Allowance, the whānau contribution is $3,050.

To check eligibility please click here:

The 2024 InZone Fees will be confirmed and updated soon.

* Please note that the 2020 Average Boarding Fee across Aotearoa was $14,500.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance

There are a number of third party bursaries or scholarships that may be available to your rangatahi such as through the  Māori Education Trust and various Trust Boards that provide limited financial assistance based on tribal qualifications (listed here).   If you would like your rangatahi to attend InZone but you are concerned about the cost, then please call us to talk through options. 

School related costs

Please note:  there will also be costs associated with attending the school such as school fees, uniforms, camps and stationery and will be payable by you directly to the school.  Details can be found on the respective school websites.

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