How To Apply

Applications for InZone Kainga 2019 are still open.  Click here to download the application form.

The following items are required with the application form:

  • a copy of the student’s passport or New Zealand birth certificate
  • a recent photograph (head shot) of the student
  • a copy of the student’s most recent school report with teachers’ comments and
  • Application fee of $25.

All applications can be submitted via email to or post to
InZone Education Foundation
99 Owens Road
Auckland 1023
Attention Office Administration

We will be in touch once we receive your application.
Please note:  Applying to InZone does not automatically grant your son/daughter an offer of place.


InZone Fees

It costs $16,100 per annum for each child to live at an InZone hostel.  This cost will be met by Whānau and InZone and in some cases financial assistance from the Ministry of Education (MoE) will be available.

Whānau will contribute a minimum $2,000 per annum up to a maximum $8,100 per annum, depending on individual circumstances as per the table below:

  Whānau Contribution InZone Contribution Financial assistance from MoE Boarding Allowance Total Cost per Student
Without MoE Funding $8,100 $8,000 $16,100
With MoE Funding $2,000 $6,100 $8,000 $16,100

MoE Boarding Allowance

The Ministry of Education provides boarding allowances to students living in remote areas or facing other barriers, so that they may board away from home and focus on their studies.  Parents or caregivers must apply for this allowance (we will help whānau complete the form).   If eligible, funding is paid directly to the school who pass it on to InZone.

There are two different types of boarding allowance:

Access barrier

This is for students in New Zealand who live too far away from an appropriate school and the Ministry’s school transport does not provide a solution.

Too far away” is defined as living an unreasonable distance from the nearest appropriate school (more than 60km) and:

  • the closest school transport service to get to their nearest school is unreasonable (eg 20km), or
  • they have to travel longer than 60 minutes one way to their nearest school each day, or
  • they have to drive an unreasonable distance (eg 60km) to the nearest school.

Multiple barriers

This is where a student experiences more than one of the following difficulties in their life that makes it hard to go to school or do well as school:

  1. Poor participation at school
  2. Poor relationships
  3. Behavioural issues
  4. Low educational achievement
  5. Environment

To learn more about the Government boarding allowance and whether your child would be eligible, visit

School related fees

Please note:  there will also be costs associated with attending the school such as school fees, uniforms and stationery. These can range from $1,100 to $2,700 per annum (and include camps and exam fees for students) and will be payable by you directly to the school.

InZone is committed to providing as many students as possible with the opportunity to join us.  There are a number of third party bursaries or scholarships that may be available to your child such as through the Māori Education Trust and various Trust Boards that provide limited financial assistance based on tribal qualifications (listed here).   If you would like your child to attend InZone but you are concerned about the cost, then please call us to talk through the options.