Our Alumni

By the end of 2018, InZone will have seen three full cohorts of boys (Form 3-7 or Years 9-13) together with a number of others who have entered at other year levels and completed their schooling with us, graduate from InZone and become alumni.

As our 2018 cohort depart the kāinga, they head in different directions including:

We are fortunate that for some of these alumni, the InZone support extends beyond the doors of the kāinga.  As the 2017 school year ended, a group of nine InZone alumni were welcomed by Heartland Bank to start internships at their Newmarket head office. Each student was buddied up with a Heartland staff member and allocated to a team so that they could familiarise themselves with the core business function in that area. Feedback from Senior Management at Heartland Bank has been overwhelmingly positive and a number of the students have had the duration of the internship extended with the possibility that some may also work part time during their University study. In 2018, another 9 InZone alumni were also welcomed by Heartland Bank to start internships.

Many of our alumni are studying, some are in trade, working or on sporting programmes, such as:

Some of our alumni are featured in this article and in the In the Zone movie.  The movie premiere provided a great opportunity for our alumni to reconnect – may can be seen in these photos.

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