Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

InZone Education Foundation’s vision is to see Māori and Pasifika proportionately represented in the social, economic and civic leadership of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our Mission

InZone Education Foundation’s mission is to inspire and support Māori and Pasifika to excel through access to high performing schools, whilst living in a whānau environment with a Māori and Christian kaupapa.

Our Values

These are  the very essence of who we are and have been created from our thoughts and alignment to the InZone kaupapa.

Manaakitanga – Generosity, Aroha and Loyalty.

Kia Tika, Kia Pono – Respect, Integrity, Fairness, Tautoko.

Kia Māia – Courage, Determination, Striving for Excellence.

Kotahitanga – Unity, Solidarity, Common purpose.

Our Whakatauaki

Our whakatauaki and the behavioural mantra that drives our culture is:

“Me Rangatira te tū”  – Carry yourself like a Rangatira