Who We Are
 The InZone Education Foundation is a New Zealand registered charitable trust that aims to enhance the educational outcomes of Maori and Pasifika youth. We do this through providing the opportunity to access high performing state schools by establishing hostels within the school zones. We recruit motivated Maori and Pasifika young people to live in the hostels and they attend the local school. Now in its 6th year of operation the boys’ hostel accommodates students who attend Auckland Grammar School and the girls’ hoste accommodates girls who attend Epsom Girls Grammar.

InZone recognises that success at school is not just about the school that you go to, but about the environment in which you live, the support it provides and the values that are promoted within that environment. Therefore, within our hostels we strive to create a supportive, whanau orientated and culturally appropriate environment that will give our students every opportunity to succeed to the best of their ability academically and also at their sporting and cultural co-curricular activities. This includes support such as goal setting, career advice, academic tutoring, mentorship, training in financial literacy and public speaking, sports, cultural, and life skills, inter-denominational Christian pastoral care and visits from inspirational speakers.  

This is achieved in partnership with an extensive network of external supporters, partners and stakeholders. 

The foundations upon which InZone is built are Maori Kaupapa and the Christian faith and these underpin everything we do.

The founder and visionary of InZone, Terrance Wallace,  arrived in New Zealand from Chicago in 2014. Soon after arriving in New Zealand, Terrance travelled the country and was saddened to learn about the level of educational underachievement that existed among our Maori and Pasifika rangatahi. Watch the video above to hear Terrance's story.

Our Vision

The aim of InZone is to select boys and girls who will benefit from the type of education schools such as Auckland Grammar School and Epsom Girls Grammar have to offer, and who will be inspired to achieve and give back to their community as a result of this educational opportunity.  Through the delivery of kaupapa 'wrap-around' educational support at our Kāinga, InZone seeks to ensure all of its students progress through their schooling thriving academically, in their extra-curricular activities and as leaders.
Since its inception, InZone has seen itself as a social enterprise underpinned by a long-term egalitarian vision.  InZone strives to produce social equity for New Zealand’s Māori and Pacific Island communities by raising the chronically low achievement levels of their youth. By teaching students the value of education, hard work, altruism and leadership, the IZEF hopes that InZone students will themselves one day continue InZone’s work, and help raise the standards of living of their families, friends and communities.

The InZone Theory of Change

At InZone, we believe students can truly perform at their best if they live in a supportive community and home environment that contributes to their achievement and secures better opportunities for their long-term success.   Until you work through and address the challenges in students’ communities and households, no matter what school students go to, there are always going to be barriers to them achieving their full potential.

From the beginning, InZone has strived to create for its Māori and Pacific Island student-base a positive home and education-focused environment to maximise the students’ capacity to succeed.  InZone Kāinga have a multicultural foundation, in line with the cultural makeup of their students, and are guided by the principals of Tikanga and Christian Kaupapa.

The InZone Philosophy

Life at the InZone Te Kāinga is underpinned by Christian Kaupapa.  The IZEF fosters amongst its students the core values of:
  • Leadership
  • Honour
  • Moving forwards together
  • Loving your neighbour as one’s self
  • Excellence
The IZEF views  its Te Kāinga as Christian facilities however our student-base includes adherents to a diverse range of religions.

The InZone Te Kāinga offers its students regular Sunday chapel services and encourages the sharing of daily devotions focused on building up the confidence of students before they head to school.