One-off or regular donations

All donations to InZone Education Foundation, whether large or small, are tremendously welcome.  They allow us to keep InZone available to as many rangatahi as possible.

As InZone Education Foundation is an IRD approved registered charitable trust, you can claim a tax credit of up to a third of your donation.

Boost your gift

Our partnership with TaxGift lets you gift your donation tax credit to InZone which boosts your donation without paying a cent more!

If you are a New Zealand resident who has received taxable income you are entitled to a donation tax credit of 33% for each donation you make. When you join TaxGift and you donate to InZone, the 33% rebate is paid to InZone. To put it simply, for every $100 dollars you donate to InZone; we will receive another $33! That $33 can then receive a further 33% rebate on that until the original $100 becomes $148 at no extra cost to you.

That means when $5,000 is donated to InZone, the extra rebate funds an expert tutoring session for each InZone rangatahi giving them the hand-up that could make all the difference at exam time. And when $10,000 is donated the extra rebate funds a whole weeks worth of healthy breakfasts and lunches for all our rangatahi. TaxGift provides InZone with the cherry on top at no extra cost to you.

Click this link to opt in to TaxGift and gift your donation tax credit to InZone. Fill in a few details, and the experts at TaxGift sort the rest out with Inland Revenue. It’s completely free, and takes less than sixty seconds to complete. Please note that once you have signed up, you will not be able to claim the tax credit on the donations made to InZone for yourself.

You are welcome to contact us at InZone or you can visit Tax Gift’s website for more information. Once signed up, you can opt out of TaxGift at any time by emailing

Support in Kind

InZone welcomes pro-bono support from a range of businesses, organisations and individuals.  To discuss whether InZone could be the right fit for you, please call 09 630 7374 or email

The InZone Education Foundation is wholly supported by funding from private donors and philanthropic organisations.  We are extremely grateful for all support we receive, whether financial, material or in the form of volunteer time.  View our Partners, Cornerstone Funders and Friends of InZone here.