Rangatahi experience 10-day Spirit of Adventure voyages

Rangatahi experience 10-day Spirit of Adventure voyages

Two rangatahi, Eternity Hanara and Grace Cassidy, enjoyed ten-day voyages on the Spirit of Adventure over the Term 3 holidays. Kei runga noa atu.

A typical day involves 6.30am swims, chores, ship maintenance, deck activities, sailing and team wero (challenges). The wero and activities put rangatahi outside their comfort-zone and they learned a lot about themselves. This includes scaling the 31m mast which for Eternity, who has a fear of heights, was terrifying “The first few days I wouldn’t even get in the harness but by the end of the trip I had made it to the top” Tūwhitia te hopo!

Eternity declared herself a new woman following the adventure she describes as “the first few days were hard and I hated being stuck on a boat, but by the end of it we were all crying, not wanting to leave.” She says “the best part of the trip was personal growth, I was pushed out my comfort zone mentally and physically especially in the beginning. The most challenging thing physically was the 6+hour tramp on Great Barrier Island”. Having made friends for life, another success of the trip for Eternity was learning to work well and enjoy spending time with people very different from her. Ka mau te wehi Eternity!

Grace says of her experience “I will forever keep the memories and friends I got from Spirit of Adventure including; The 6+ hour steep hike we did on the Great Barrier and how satisfied I felt afterwards, the campfire we had because it made all us closer, the night sail because the stars were pretty and we did so much work to accomplish it, and building strong friendships with complete strangers in 10 days.” Grace says ” I was amazed at the amount of work I accomplished and I learnt so much about sailing. I will forever be grateful for this trip.” Te ataahua hoki!


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