​What InZone has done for me...


InZone has gone above and beyond than just being a home away from home to me. I can honestly say, the means of support it has continued to offer me, has contributed to all my achievements to date and I guess, all my achievements and accolades to date are a credit to InZone, a truly fine institute.
 InZone has met my every need, whether it be a place where I can seek word from and a post to which I connect with my faith, or a place that I can turn to if things at home aren't pretty. There’s always a bed here for me, someone to talk to, someone to pick me up or, even a place where I can both seek advice, give advice, be mentored and be a mentor. It’s a place where I meet my self-actualization, where I give 100 percent into everything I do: school work, events, and playing rugby.  I see everything I do, not only being a way to represent InZone, but an opportunity to give back to InZone which has become central to who I am today. Understanding that, and understanding that aspect of who I am and who I could be, is due to my time here at InZone.
Being a pioneer and living through the changes of InZone has made me into the man I am today. Being at InZone has opened my eyes to the bigger and much better things that I can set out to do and accomplish amongst all my other brothers here at InZone who I compete with daily. This keeps me on my toes and keeps everyone striving for the best and not settling for just ok.
It’s really hard to point out what InZone has done for me, because it's been a massive part of my life and there are thousands of things I can list that InZone has helped me with. Also, it's such a significant aspect of my life as it has contributed to who I am today - which is a mouthful to explain.


InZone has helped to develop and shape me as the character I am today. The experience  has given me the confidence and resilience to accept new challenges and new experiences and see them through to the end. InZone has provided me with a safe and stable learning environment, and allowed me to exploit my academic potential by attending a top secondary school. InZone has given me support and connections which I never dreamed of having and has allowed me to set goals which can be achieved through these support networks. 


At first, InZone was just a means to getting into Grammar. I had no idea what I was getting into really but I’m so glad that took the opportunity at hand. To be in a position where I am today it’s hard to think what life would be like had I not come to InZone. I have faced plenty of adversity along this journey and it honestly wouldn’t have been hard to leave and go home. But having pushed through to where I am today, I am so blessed and grateful to have completed five years at InZone. It sounds quite long but I remember vividly the days at Lovelock in 2011, and InZone has seen plenty of improvement. Since then I have been exposed to so many opportunities that have definitely been beneficial for me. The work of the InZone staff in our development has been truly powerful as I prepare to tackle the challenges life will bring on my own. I am extremely grateful to the whole of InZone; for the staff, the community, the supporters, tutors and everyone who is involved. Your contribution has made a world of difference. To Matua Terrance, especially, you have been an inspiration for me going through the project. You have given us students the opportunity we wouldn't get had we gone somewhere else and the product of your hard work has seen many beneficiaries accomplish amazing things.


InZone has given me an opportunity to not only attend Auckland Grammar School but also gain 50+ brothers. I have witnessed and lived through such great changes from day one at Lovelock until now here at Owens Road. I must say this place has evolved into an institution where success is the norm. I will miss my time here at hostel, the continuous laughs from the brothers and also chef Trev's cooking. I have learnt to be more self-reliant and manage my time without the constant reminder of my parents. I have developed people skills and the ability to speak in public with confidence. Having so many boys around and meeting new people you learn to adapt and to get along with new people easier. I owe a lot to this place; for the people I have met here, the way it has shaped me, and the impact it has had on my life.


InZone has largely benefited me as it has allowed me to gain 54 brothers which I have enjoyed hugely, as well as the many opportunities presented. It’s shown me how to get along with other boys. It has also allowed me to attend one of NZ top secondary schools which has helped improve my academics. I overall think and know that coming to InZone has changed my life.


In many ways the InZone project has helped me to reach my full potential. The main one would be the support from Terrance and the staff, as well as the brothers I've made along the way. Having them supporting me means a lot and I'm motivated more to work hard for them and my family. The InZone project has a huge amount of people that support it and it's really good that they can tell us their experiences and help us with pathways that we may interested in. Heaps of tutors come in every night, teachers and students from other schools, which is really helpful when I'm stuck with work!


InZone has changed my whole life around from being the cheekiest person to a mature young man who continues to tick off his goals that he has set for himself, like being a Prefect and making the 1st XV, and who would have thought,  topping his class, and many more. This has given me the best network that a young man who is leaving school could ever dream of. It has made me a better person around my family and it has kept me on the right path of being an All Black, because I’m the one that could easily be changed. InZone has given me the best brothers, I could never ask for better ones. I like how I'm around like-minded people who want to be the best at everything that they do. This has made me look at myself and change the things that are holding me back. The help of Terrance and the Matuas and Whaeas and the actions of my Mother have made me a stronger person. 


InZone has given me the opportunity to take my education seriously and get the extra help to be able to pass my exams. Also, the InZone hostel has helped me to make new friends and brothers that I know will be around for life. Hostel has also helped me make better decisions and get used to staying away from home. It has helped me appreciate the little things that matter, and also things that will help me throughout life. My time at the hostel has helped me to get into a daily regime that I can use throughout all areas of my life. InZone has made sure that I am always achieving to the best of my abilities.


What InZone has done for me is….it has given me the opportunity to experience things that I thought I would never experience. It’s shown me how to do the basics in life like keeping my room clean, cleaning and being on time. It has also shown me the true meaning of brotherhood, with hanging with a bunch of boys that I proudly call brothers. It has also done a lot by giving me an opportunity to go to Auckland Grammar. I have been able to get a proper education and also an opportunity with extra curriculum activities as well. InZone has brought a lot of memories and joy. Sometimes we experience our downs but we always find ways to get over it.