Social Enterprise
The InZone Education Foundation is currently following this avenue for social enterprise:
Leasing of the 99 Owens Rd Te Kāinga Wānanga and 10 Lovelock Avenue Te Kāinga Huarahi for holiday activities. The aim of these social enterprises is to provide extra revenue channels for InZone. ​

These are available for rent both as accommodation and as an events venue during school holidays only.
To generate additional funding for the InZone initiative, the IZEF has over the last three years developed supplementary uses for their two Te Kāinga .  

99 Owens Rd

At Te Kāinga Wānanga in ​Owens Rd we can accommodate up to 50 guests in a combination of rooms.  This site has a commercial sized kitchen, basketball court, large lawned area, a Study Hall and extensive onsite parking.

10 Lovelock Avenue 

At Te Kāinga Huarahi at Lovelock Avenue we can accommodate up to 30 guests in a combination of rooms.  This site has a standard sized kitchen, patio and garden area and onsite parking for 4 vehicles.
If you would like to make use of either of the InZone Kāinga facilities during the holiday period, contact us at  to check availability, discuss costs and arrange a viewing.