Social Enterprise
The InZone Education Foundation is currently pursuing two avenues for social enterprise:
  1. HandyBoys
  2. Leasing of the 99 Owens Rd Te Kāinga Wānanga for holiday activities.
The aim of these social enterprises is to provide extra revenue channels for InZone and Handy Boys also provides pocket money for the boys who partake in it.
Handy Boys is a student-led social enterprise aimed at creating work opportunities for InZone boys in the area of home maintenance and other small-labour jobs they can handle. 

The venture provides valuable services that cultivate community-support for InZone, while giving the boys employment opportunities within the affluent community in which they live.

Overall, the Handy Boys database has over sixty registered customers and thirty boys taking part in the initiative. 

If you would like any work done by our InZone Handy Boys contact us at:

Download Handy Boys FAQ here

Download Handy Boys services and prices here.
As part of the Handy Boys programme, InZone boys are taught to save a third of their earnings, and to reinvest another third into beneficial items that their families cannot afford to buy them.

Financial literacy is a key outcome of the InZone initiative, as it is a vital life skill, crucial for improving one’s standard of living.   Through the Handy Boys programme, InZone students learn how to be smart with money and grow their capital.

By teaching InZone students financial literacy at a young age, we hope that they will later be successful in their careers and in the long-term be able to give back to the foundation as InZone Old Boys.

99 Owens Rd

To generate additional funding for the InZone initiative, the IZEF has over the last three years developed supplementary uses for the Owens Rd Te Kāinga Wānanga.  This has included promoting the Owens Rd Te Kāinga Wānanga as available for rent both as accommodation and as an events venue during school holidays.

If you would like to make use of the InZone Boys Kāinga facilities during the holiday period, contact us at