Our Partners
The InZone Project is a wholly privately funded initiative.  Support as of date has come from the generous Epsom community, in addition to a number of key corporate partners:

Foundation North

Foundation North is the IZEF’s largest financial contributor and a key strategic partner.  InZone’s partnership with Foundation North is chiefly responsible for the growth in services InZone has been able to deliver to Māori and Pacific Island boys in the last three years.

Going forward, a growth in the partnership between InZone and Foundation North will allow our Foundation to meet is two most important short and medium-term growth goals.  Namely:
  1. Extending InZone services to tertiary students in 2016
  2. Expand InZone services to a national scale in the long-term
Achieving these two goals is very important, as it would provide across-the-board educational support to InZone students, starting at secondary school, and continuing through to tertiary level.  

Beginning in 2016, Māori and Pacific Island children entering the InZone programme could be supported through to university, allowing them to fully complete their academic journey.  This would represent a tremendous success for the IZEF, given many of the boys’ initial lack of confidence in their capacity to achieve, when first arriving to InZone.

Maurice Paykel Charitable Trust

The Maurice Paykel Charitable Trust (MPCT) was established in 1976 by the late Maurice Paykel, a well-known philanthropist and the co-founder of the Fisher and Paykel group of companies.

The Maurice Paykel Charitable Trust is a key partner of the IZEF.  The two organisations enjoy a positive and fruitful relationship dating back to the commencement of the InZone Project, which has seen the lives of many Māori and Pacific Island communities affected nationwide.

Our Sponsors

The following generous organisations have assisted the growth and delivery of the InZone initiative since its commencement in 2011:


The following generous organisations support InZone's operations and ongoing development:

Going Forward...

InZone's capacity to meet its growth targets over the coming years will require an increased level of external funding.  Attaining the necessary funds will depend our capacity to attract new donors.  Consequently, in 2014, the IZEF began to actively pursue governmental and private financing avenues.